How we work together

It’s getting easier for people to wrap their heads around working with colleagues who are not physically present. In the early 2000s it was not as easy, but our world is so wired now that we almost all work virtually at some point or another. If you’ve sent an email from your phone then you’re already pretty familiar with how working virtually works.

Here are some best practices that I follow, which help keep my working relationships with my author clients running smoothly.

    – We share a Google Docs spreadsheet that tallies my working hours and keeps track of where we are in the author’s monthly budget
    – We share a Google document that outlines the projects I’m working on, in their priority order, so that both client and VA always know what’s going on
    – We meet regularly on Skype to discuss upcoming projects and workload
    – When I begin working with a client, we usually start with one or two small projects. This helps us get a feel for each others working style and helps build trust – especially for the client, who needs to know that I will not over promise and under deliver and that I will deliver the work on time

Some of the tools I use with my clients:

    – Scrivener
    – Word / Excel / Powerpoint
    – Google Docs and Spreadsheets
    – DropBox
    – WordPress
    – SoundCloud
    – Amazon S3
    – Aweber / iContact / MailChimp
    – Insightly (database management)
    – KDP Dashboard
    – Social Oomph / Buffer App
    – Feedly / The Old Reader
    – Topsy
    – SlideShare
    – Facebook / Twitter
    – Basecamp

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