Beta Reading

Your book is finished. Congratulations!!

Now what? How do you know when it’s ready for publication?

It’s hard to be objective about our own books.

For this reason, Beta Readers like me provide supportive, informative feedback that is respectful of the creative process and the craft of writing while also being constructive about where and how your book could improve.

Beta Reading answers questions like:

      – Are there holes in the plot?
      – Does the book hold the reader’s attention?
      – Are there awkward transitions between scenes?
      – Is the setting adequately described?
      – Is the dialogue stilted or does it sound real and authentic?
      – Are there inconsistencies in character descriptions?
      – Does the pace suit the genre and narrative? (i.e., if it’s a suspense novel or thriller, does it move along at a fast clip, as it should? If it’s a romance novel, does the reader want the couple to get together?)
      – Are there any important details missing from the story? (As writers, it’s possible to forget to include information the reader needs because we are so close to the story.)
      – For non-fiction, beta readers focus on how informative the book is. Is it providing information the target audience wants? Or are the pieces missing?
      – Also for non-fiction, Beta Readers can answer whether there is too much information.

“As a beta reader, Alexandra was encouraging and empathetic, while being honest and constructive. She read the draft of my non-fiction manuscript promptly, added comments throughout, noted inconsistencies, made copy notations and suggestions, and asked for more information in some of my chapters. Her beta reading and her practical encouragement has unlevelled my manuscript and left me with renewed excitement for the next steps in the publication process.” Maggie K. Rayner

Respectful, Helpful, Non-Judgmental Feedback

As a Beta Reader, my objective is always to provide the type of feedback to authors that I would like to receive as a writer. This means that:

        – I provide feedback in a respectful and helpful way that

will not crush your dreams

        – I respect the creative process – I’m a writer too!
        – I will encourage you to retain your unique writing voice rather than requiring you to follow the technical rules of writing.
        – I won’t give you false praise, but I will tell you what I liked about the book and WHY.
        – Any improvements I feel the book could use, I will offer to you in a way that supports you make those changes (if you wish) without being discouraging.

    As a published author myself, I am fully aware that a book in progress is not perfect. Nor should it be! By providing you with objective feedback we can get that book to be the very best one you can possibly produce.

    What a Beta Reader doesn’t do:

        – Edit for grammar and spelling (although I will point out errors if they are obvious to me).
        – Post the feedback publicly (the Beta Read is entirely private and for your eyes only).
        – Re-write the story for you.

    Rates$0.003 per word with a $10 minimum.

    Example: a 50,000 word novel = $150
    I will read your first chapter or section (up to 3,000 words) for free so that you can determine if my Beta Reading style is right for you.
    I make every effort to provide you with my Beta Read report on your timeline.

    Rates will increase for rush requests.

    If you’d like more information about how a Beta Read will support your book to be the best it can be, please feel free to contact me.

    I offer complimentary, no obligation, Skype consultations to discuss whether it’s the right time for you to hire a Beta Reader.

    To set up an appointment for your free consultation: Email me


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